About Us

Our vision

KLS Investigation Group, LLC is committed to providing our clients with prompt superior investigative services that produce results and nurture positive client/investigator relationships.

Our mission

We provide professional, reliable and confidential investigative services. We take pride in our ability to meet client expectations in a timely, efficent, ethical and legal manner and will work to help clients make intelligent, informed decisions.

Additional Information

As a complete source private investigation firm - we get results by going the extra mile to collect accurate and collaborative evidence that is written in clear, concise and unbiased reports. Our experienced investigators provide support to the litigation process and the interest of your corporation. KLS Investigators will work with you to uncover misconduct within corporate, civil and criminal cases.

Our President

Lenora Morris

Lenora Morris

Lenora Morris has 31 years of investigative experience, starting her career with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

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