About Lenora

Lenora Morris

Lenora Morris has 31 years of investigative experience, starting her career with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Diversion Investigator. During her eight (8) years working as a Diversion Investigator, Lenora Morris conducted hundreds of regulatory and criminal investigations on legitimate handlers of controlled substances, i.e. Doctors, Pharmacist, Distributors and Manufacturers, and was responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations covered by the Federal Controlled Substances Act. In 1985, Lenora Morris continued her career with DEA by completing her academy training in Glynco, Georgia to become a Special Agent.

During her 23 year career as a Special Agent, Agent Morris conducted and assisted in hundreds of criminal investigations of all types to include simple and complex undercover purchases and surveillances of drug trafficking and money laundering organizations with the goal of disrupting and/or dismantling these organizations. Her investigations involved all types of illegal drugs. In the performance of her duties during her 23 year career, Agent Morris gained extensive experience in planning and coordinating drug enforcement operations; controlling and interviewing informants and witnesses; collecting and analyzing information and evidence; conducting surveillances of suspects; preparing and executing arrest and search warrants; writing affidavits for and monitoring Title III (wire tap) investigations, as well as other electronic surveillance equipment; writing clear and concise reports, correspondence and proposals; testifying in court proceedings; and developing relationships and sharing information with prosecuting attorneys and fellow Federal, state and local law enforcement counterparts. During the latter part of Agent Morris’ career, she concentrated her investigative efforts conducting illegal internet pharmacy investigations. On a yearly basis, Agent Morris received specialized and in-service-training as well as continual on-the-job training in all facets of her job, in order to keep abreast of the latest developments and laws. In August 2008, Agent Morris retired from DEA with a total of 39 years of Government Service, and later founded KLS Investigation Group, LLC.